CaseLines allows you to enter a filename that contains the document date and for that date to be split off from the filename and attributed to the document date field.

The following criteria now applies:

  • You can put your date at the beginning or at the end of the filename
  • The date must be in the following formats:
    • dd/mm/yyyy
    • dd-mm-yyyy
    • dd mm yyyy
    • dd-mmm-yyyy
    • yyyy/mm/dd
    • yyyy-mm-dd
    • yyyy mm dd
  • In addition you also have the option to specify if your dates are going to be in American format ie:
    • mm/dd/yyyy
    • mm.dd.yyyy
    • mm-dd-yyyy
    • mm dd yyyy
  • If there is a date at the beginning and at the end of the filename, the date at the beginning will be used.
  • There is also a custom field on your organisation to decide whether when you upload a document with a date, it will either remove the date that you've used or it will retain that text at the beginning or end of your filename.