New and Enhanced Features


Upload directly into a sub bundle
You can now upload documents directly into a sub bundle. This allows the case creator to create separate bundles where parties can submit and review case documents. This eliminates the need for parties to upload into the master bundle and creates a secure method of coordinating case submissions. More...

Video Presentation
You can now use presenter mode to present multimedia. Once in presenter mode you take followers to multimedia and their multimedia player will move with yours. This allows you to play, pause and jump everyone following quickly and easily.

Pre-register new invitees
You can now pre-register new invitees so they simply need to create a password to access the bundle. This streamlines the registration process for non-professional users such as witnesses or jurors making it easier for them to access to the bundle. More...

Enhanced Pagination Options
We’ve added a new pagination option that allows you to only display the master bundle page number in a sub bundle. This ensures everyone is referring to a single pagination, even if a user only has access to a reduced number of documents.

Image Metadata
CaseLines now captures image metadata which can be reviewed by selecting ‘Review Metadata’ on the view tab. This makes it simple to check the authenticity of an image with fast access to the date and time it was taken.